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Hi, welcome to the IveTime spontaneously for Friends, Family, Sport & testing family

Hi IveTimer :) Sick of wasting time asking friends whether they are available and discussing about the venue? What are you missing to be spontaneous? --Sure, the info who of your friends have time - right now IveTime connects you with your friends. That's the only reason why it needs your mobile number. --No idea where to meet? IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it? And that's the only reason why it needs a position. --No idea what to do? Let IveTime make a guess for you. --And what if none of your friends have time? IveTime tells you what you even can do on your own instead. Funny and serious things. As long as your friends still need some time to activate IveTime ;) --And what if there are no friends yet? IveTime suggests you other IveTimers with equal interests that want to meet you. Be spontaneous. No planning. It's up to you. 'I am the boss of my time'

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